My purpose-built home studio is ideal for song writing and production, music recording, and voice over. The 12' x 16' acoustically treated recording room features a comfortable, home atmosphere that fosters creativity. The 16 channel studio uses MIDI and a variety of microphones to suit your needs, equipping it to handle virtually any job. 

Mixing and Mastering

The acoustically tuned mixing room and efficient workstation allow me to get a great mix without the high cost of a big studio.  I combine the latest powerful software and analog audio hardware for the best of both worlds.  Do you have a recording that needs to be mixed and/or mastered?  I have even mixed sound for video and feature length films.

Audio Editing

Editing Performances to tighten timing and pitch is a time consuming process that requires a lot of skill and a good ear, but is essential in order for a modern recording to be competitive. I have twelve years of experience editing drums, vocals and other instruments, in addition to cleaning up noisy audio tracks.

Audio Samples

Music recording, mixing, and mastering.


Sound Design, Audiobook, etc.

About Me

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Hi! I’m Justin. A freelance audio engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I started playing with audio recording almost by accident when I was 14, making demos of bands through a PA mixer straight to cassette tape. As time passed and I collected better gear and gained experience, I started to get paid for recording and live sound gigs. It became a clear career path. I graduated from the Art Institute of New England in 2003, one of the best audio production schools in the United States, then spent a couple of years assisting at New Alliance Audio before moving away from Boston, and going out on my own. I built my studio to provide top quality audio production at a price modern clients can afford.

Now clients from around the world have been trusting me with their sound for more than a decade. I know it means a lot when you put your project --your art-- in my hands.

I like an organic approach to projects. I like them to sound real and alive, and I’d rather hear the “air” in the room between the instruments than polish it all out in the mix.

I always want to hear from great artists and bands or anyone interested in better audio. I'm available for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, both locally and online.


Recent Clients

Rock Bottom Resolve
Lennon Cano
Matt Bates
Underground Aces
Finished Falling 
Angel's Method
Holly DeFazio
Darkness and Light (Film)
LNZNDRF (members of The National and Beirut)
The Diamond Underground 
The Folks Around Town 
The Happy Maladies 
Tim Shelton 
New Moons 
Two Cheers 
Sarah Mac Band 
Wild Turkey Distillery (Video)
Northside Garage 
Cincinnati Heart Ball (Video)
The Almighty Get Down 
Procter & Gamble (Video)
Global Asylum
The Caught Flies 
Mark of the Dog Rose (AsrtoPiano Films
Rebecca Ruben
Small Brain Curds
Mark and Randy
Forging Reverie 
Ricky Reilly 
Sunblocked (AsroPiano Films
Gentlemen and Scholars (Torque Records) 
The Speed of Film
...And many more.

Service Rates

Music Production and Recording
30/HOUR - 200/DAY
Recording drums and all other instruments, overdubs, and vocals + Editing + Mixing + Mastering.

Location Recording
Boom, wireless LAVs... Call or email to discuss your needs!

Music Mixing (unattended)
Taking your recording to the next level! Send your tracks for professional editing and mixing in just a few days.  Call or email about songs with low track counts: I can do it for less!

Music Mastering (unattended)
Finalize your album with a professional polish and loudness including the new high resolution "Mastered for iTunes" specification, for the highest possible playback quality. Discounts for whole album/EP mastering available!

Digital Audio Editing
Drum Quantizing, Pitch Correction, Audio Restoration and Cleanup, Content Editing, Podcast production, Audio Post-Production for your film or video.

Prices are negotiable - Contact for full details. 

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Twitter : @jntracks
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A deposit is required to hold a date for attended sessions. Deposits go toward studio time and are not refundable if canceled without enough notice to fill the time.
All outstanding balances must be paid before any media will be released. There are no exceptions. 

Accepted payments: cash, credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, or check. A 3.25% fee will be charged for credit card payments. If paying by check, checks must clear before any media is released. A fee of $50 will be charged on returned checks. 

I do everything I can to keep your files safe while we are working, however, no computer/hard drive is 100% reliable.  Even in a professional environment accidents can and do happen.  To best ensure the safety of your project we invite you to bring your own drive to back up your project, or ask about purchasing a drive.  During Active sessions your files will remain on our system until the project has been completed.  Projects are only kept in storage for 30 days after completion.  It is the responsibility of the client to make arrangements to attain master files, before 30 days have passed. 

No refunds are offered on any project that has been completed.  In the unlikely event a client is unsatisfied with their experience during a session, the client may end the session, paying only for the time used, if the session was prepaid a refund will be issued for unused time.  We reserve the right to terminate a session for any reason we see fit, if the session was prepaid a refund will be issued for unused time.

Associated Studios  

For recording sessions that need a bigger space I have relationships with great Cincinnati studios.  Contact me today to inquire about a tour and book your session at my special rates!

Monastery Studio

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monastery control room.jpg

Pro Photography by Derek Heidemann